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posted in General by Cargo Cult on Saturday June 2 2012

In keeping with today's ever-progressing consolidation of internet communications into huge, data-farming social-networking ultra-sites, I've decided to catch up with the 20th century and set up my own blog.

Not to be confused with the other blog, from which this is derived.

Featuring absolutely zero integration with all the services the cool kids are using, such as MySpace, Bebo, Orkut or Google Plus, the grandly named, self-authored BaaBaa-BlogSheep™ v2.0 does enjoy such wonderfully modern extravagances as RSS feeds and ... erm ... well, that's about it.

It does have a few bits of entirely-optional Javascript scattered through its disciplinarian XHTML 1.0, though. Does that count?

So let us celebrate this explosion of computing technology with an explosion:

My Raspberry Pi attempting to deal with an insanely complicated MySQL query.

But, what's the point of all this? Basically it's somewhere for me to post interesting links I've found (usually pertaining to rusty things, antiquated things and misappropriation of modern things) and write up my Arduino and Raspberry Pi foolings-around, photographic projects and suchlike. And link to far too many pictures of SPAAAACE. And the word 'MINERVA', so you can search for it.

Essentially, if you followed my Google Reader interesting things feed, it's basically that, but with more original stuff written by me. And without Google arbitrarily taking away my ability to share things that way in an attempt to further its increasingly ludicrous Google Plus.

I had several hundred, completely anonymous followers on Google Reader. I miss them, whoever they were!

So without further ado, I declare this blog open! Emergency exits are at the front and rear, lifejackets are under your seats and the pilot will be distributing complimentary peanuts in a few minutes.

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1. *cheering*

Posted by Azurist at 6:41PM, Saturday June 2 2012


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2. I fear change

Posted by parm at 1:15AM, Sunday June 3 2012

I don't like it. It smells funny, and all the carpets are the wrong colour. Also, I'm allergic to peanuts, you monster.

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