Friday Fings - ancient edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Friday June 22 2012

Another assorted selection of things entirely derived from the bowels of my bookmarks list...

Anyone else feel hungry?
Anatomical Atlases - from the National Library of Medicine's collection. Despite some being centuries old, can unsurprisingly get a bit graphic - so be warned...

I'd love to see it on a dSLR
Splendidly fast lenses - from a German camera wiki. No idea what the article's about, but the pictures are nice... Extra: about the f/0.7 lens used to film Kubrick's Barry Lyndon

Now replaced by a $5 MEMS gyroscope
Inertial Navigator Platform - navigation system originally used on the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter, apparently. Extra: Ms. van Vark has a splendid selection of hardware.

Bonus Morbid Incidents of Mystery corner:

  • Dyatlov Pass incident - fabrication? Fact? What did cause the mysterious and violent deaths of nine hikers on the flanks of a Russian mountain?
  • An abandoned lifeboat at world’s end - a ship's lifeboat, found washed ashore on Bouvet Island - perhaps the loneliest place on Earth. Who was on it, and why?

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