Teleportation, today

posted in Virtual Reality by Cargo Cult on Friday September 25 2015

Who needs a holodeck?

Hello, you either have plugins turned off or an old version of Macromedia's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player.

Fellow adventurer in photogrammetry David Finsterwalder has recorded a video of my scanned scenes as uploaded to Steam. The first two are office scans (while he merely gets the remote experience, the second can also be run aligned with the actual demo room for a suitably brain-bending tactile experience) while the third is Iceland.

A certain photo caption is looking suspiciously prophetic.

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1. Flash

Posted by nick at 5:24AM, Saturday September 26 2015

I don't know what you may have done wrong, but the embed player requires flash.

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2. Re: Flash

Posted by Cargo Cult at 11:20AM, Saturday September 26 2015

The blog-beast is suddenly showing its (great) age - the YouTube embed support I hacked in years ago rather needs updating to this post-Flash era.

Meanwhile, here's a direct link to the video:

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