Get your arse to Mars

posted in Space by Cargo Cult on Friday November 6 2015

Another one of my side-projects went out of control, this time becoming part of a temporary exhibit for the Museum of Flight's Spacefest event.

Disclaimer: Our HMDs are not hermetically sealed against near-vacuum.

Walk around on a huge, life-sized tract of Martian terrain built from raw Curiosity navigation camera images using my photogrammetry techniques. Then, get a majestic overview of comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko before teleporting down on to its surface, using a super-high-resolution version of Mattias Malmer's comet nucleus shapemodel constructed from Rosetta imagery. Finally, to round it all off - have a quick go with Tilt Brush, a 3D sketching program.

I have now personally put many members of the general public into space. Giving VR demos is fantastic. To anyone thinking it's just a fad, and will wilt away like 3DTV did - you should see how people respond.

It runs for the next few days. Hurry hurry hurry! I'm not sure how the ticketing works, but beyond entry to the museum it's free and you don't have to book in advance.

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1. Get your arse to blightly

Posted by Artfunkel at 1:52AM, Friday November 6 2015

This coming to the UK, right? Right?

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2. Low gravity

Posted by thebmxeur at 4:59AM, Friday November 6 2015

I hope I'll be able to see those demos when the Vive is out.
Next step is to simulate low gravity !

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3. Minerva...

Posted by Swirekster at 6:47PM, Wednesday March 2 2016

Hello Adam. Big fan of Your mod.

Sorry about offtopic, but is there any chance that You will return to Minerva and make another one?

Still hoping. Swirekster

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