That 'reality' thing was overrated anyway

posted in Virtual Reality by Cargo Cult on Tuesday April 5 2016

Something I've been busy with for a while is finally released:

A glimpse of the future.

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I've been using the HTC Vive (from dodgy 3D-printed prototypes onwards) for over a year now, and it still feels like magic. Science fiction looks staid by comparison. Being able to effortlessly walk around - and interact with - another world, be it imagined or captured, using consumer hardware? Wow. Don't just look at it as a gaming platform - this is something new entirely. It's hacking the human senses into believing the impossible.

May contain glimpses of previously seen imagery!

Edit 2016-04-06: snippets also appear in the closing credits of BBC 2's Newsnight for the 6th April. Shitting crikey. I suspect Auntie likes stuff wot I do.

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1. Back in The Real

Posted by Artfunkel at 2:21PM, Tuesday April 5 2016

Congratulations! I used the Oculus DK2 for a week or two at work and didn't see the point of it, but the Vive launch video is showing me something far more convincing.

It's clearly not going to be in every home, and I very much doubt will be in mine. My hope is instead to see ticketed parties starting up with a number of Vive kits set up in a space large enough to get the best out of them. Gathering up a group of friends and playing with one for the evening would be a blast!

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