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posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday February 5 2017

Quick selection this week - opening up 'Other Bookmarks', waiting for it to slowly (so slowly!) scroll near the end, then randomly clicking on a few things.

Going underground...
Train to Nowhere - How Cincinnati tried, and failed, to build one of America’s first subways - while watching QI recently, there was a brief mention of an abandoned, half-constructed underground railway network beneath Jerry Springer's home town. I had to go investigating on these intertubes. More photos via Wikipedia.
About 26 and a half years ago, I was stood next to those wheels.
An-225 Mriya is the world’s largest aircraft - remember how last week I was getting excited about photos of and inside the Antonov An-124? Well, this week - have some photos of and inside the closely related, but even more ridiculously massive, An-225. I've now got a new mystery photo blog to add to my subscriptions, to complement Lana Sator's solely-in-Russian urban explorations. Not understanding Russian only adds to the fun.

Makes the Lovell Telescope look like a puny satellite television dish.

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Arecibo Uncut: First Visit to the Platform & Dome with Dana Whitlow - over an hour long, this GoPro-on-a-hard-hat video is an extensive tour of the Arecibo Observatory, in particular the 900-ton platform suspended above the dish. Captured as part of the project to regain communications with and control of the then-abandoned International Cometary Explorer probe with the aim to return it to an Earth orbit, said probe sadly revealed itself to have run out of nitrogen gas used to pressurise its fuel tanks, and has now returned to its ghostly heliocentric orbit between the planets...

Bonus Crap Hardware corner:

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