Mystery packages from the former USSR

posted in Photography by Cargo Cult on Monday June 25 2012

How to scare the postal operatives. Nuclear materials? Explosive devices? WHO KNOWS???? Wait. That looks familiar... I've got one like it already, but bent! LOMO BIOLAM microscope, now in focus!

eBay is brilliant for potentially terrifying US Postal Service operatives with dodgy-looking packages from Belarus. What's inside? Bit of Soviet-era optical equipment. Why did I need it? Well, some idiot (namely me) forgot to properly bolt his chunky old USSR-constructed LOMO microscope into its carrying case properly when emigrating to the USA, allowing it to rattle around inside without any kind of protection - resulting in ... a slightly bent monocular head for the eyepiece.

Apparently, Soviet-era optical equipment is built to last.

With the replacement, everything is back in focus again! I'll post micrographs of microscopic things on Flickr as soon as I figure out how to align my dSLR-carrying tripod correctly.

Stupidly enough, it wasn't this purchase that got my credit card temporarily blocked - it was trying to buy $5-worth of groceries at a nearby Safeway. And this reminds me, I still need to post packages out elsewhere...

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1. Suspicious behavior

Posted by chiasaur11 at 12:28AM, Sunday July 1 2012

Well, of course it was the groceries that got you locked down.

Know what a terrorist can do with 5 bags of goldfish crackers?

It isn't pretty.

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