Sunday Things - not quite Monday edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday April 30 2017

It can be handy living this far west of Greenwich. It gives more time for procrastination.

Cosmic cinema!
Seven Soviet sci-fi films everyone should see - further to last week's Tarkovsky micro-extravaganza, here's a cerebral listicle pointing out further interesting Soviet cinematography. I've found some full versions on YouTube!
Almost as expensive in its day as the 2MB memory upgrade for my Atari ST.
Selectron Tube - early, fantastic-looking volatile computer memory, initially storing four kilobits in each oversized vacuum tube. Developmental problems meant magnetic core memory took over before Selectron tubes became commercially viable.

Cassini's Grand Finale

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NASA at Saturn: Cassini's Grand Finale - this long-lived Saturn probe has just completed its first orbit diving beneath Saturn's rings, so here's a nice animation portraying its final days. From Erik Wernquist, who's made things like the splendid Wanderers and ... erm ... The Annoying Thing, a.k.a the Crazy Frog.

Bonus Stylish Prose corner:

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