Sunday Things - still not Monday edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday May 7 2017

Sunday evening is the new habit. So, enjoy some space-themed links.

Approach above Sunset - looking like a gorgeously colourful 1970s science fiction novel cover, here's a Cygnus supply ship arriving at the International Space Station, capably snapped by ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet. Bonus unofficial APOD RSS feed!
Captain Blood says hi.
The Coming Amnesia - the expansion of the universe will continue to drag galaxies apart, until at some point in the far distant future they cease being visible from each other. At that moment, cosmology from scratch becomes impossible, and the origins of the universe itself will be hidden. Quintessential BLDGBLOG plus Alastair Reynolds - and I'll throw a little Iain M. Banks into the mix by referencing Against a Dark Background.
Slightly smaller than the real thing, fortunately.
Introducing LEGO® Ideas 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V - a roughly 1:110 scale, one metre high Lego model of a Saturn V and associated Apollo hardware, going on sale the beginning of June. So tempted!

Bonus Machine Dreaming corner:

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Posted by phuzz at 9:35AM, Monday May 8 2017

I only noticed a couple of months ago that it was you who ran the unofficial APOD feed ("wait a minute, I recognise that domain name!"). So thanks very much for running that :)

I've already checked my bank account, and it can cope with that Lego model, my friend's toddler is going to have so much fun smashing it :(

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