Now visit Hawaii in VR

posted in Virtual Reality by Cargo Cult on Thursday June 1 2017

When it's not been too warm, the weather's been decent enough in Seattle - but if it does start raining again, I can always retreat to the simulated baleful glare of the vicious day-star courtesy of a VR headset.

For the record, I did get sunburned shooting this thing - a post-breakfast, sunscreen-free perambulation meant I absorbed more than a little too much UV radiation, all in the space of 25 minutes or so. I also vaguely hurt my leg shooting a lava tube in Iceland. Oh, the sacrifices I must make for the photogrammetric arts...

Farted out from the bottom of the ocean. Deckchairs not included.

Yes, SteamVR Home has updated again, and there's a new, photogrammetric Hawaiian Beach scan on the Workshop - complete with (mostly) authentic audio recorded on site. And slightly fake palm trees replacing the real ones, which were wobbling around a little too much for a good reconstruction...

More to come!

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1. A couple questions on VR

Posted by Walter at 12:38AM, Tuesday June 20 2017

Hi Adam, I have a couple of questions on vr. Can I email you or is there a better way to reach you? Thanks

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2. Re: A couple questions on VR

Posted by Cargo Cult at 2:27PM, Tuesday June 20 2017

My (personal) email address is at the bottom of the page. If it's more of a corporate question, I'll forward it to my Valve address and reply from there.

(My Valve email is fantastically spam-free. It's amazing.)

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