Still more Hawaii in VR

posted in Virtual Reality by Cargo Cult on Thursday July 6 2017

Capturing all those beautiful tropical beaches again - actually, a nicely hideous desolate volcanic hellscape slowly being reclaimed by plant life. Shot in a bit of a hurry (less than fifteen minutes between first and last photos) in pretty terrible light (the sun was about to set, and being close to the equator meant the light was dying fast) - also, the minibus was about to leave.

So, enjoy a Volcanic landscape near Kīlauea, Big Island, Hawaii.

This bit has stopped erupting. So they said. Not shown: tourists. Reality Capture edited them all away by magic...

That's almost it for my Hawaiian VR - I've got one last scene to process, which is rated 'moderately desolate'. Also, it's a monster at over a thousand shots. Alas, anyone hoping for a repeat trip up Mauna Kea will have to be disappointed - it was bloody amazing the last time I went, but the whole 'lack of oxygen' thing was quite a challenge...

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