Sunday Things - something is wrong edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday July 9 2017

What, this? It's the Sunday Things. Remember?

Broken News

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Broken News - something has gone terribly wrong. Huw Edwards takes several minutes to reboot, it turns out. Apparently a computer glitch rather than a piece of modernist performance art.
PotatOS, your turn next.
Self Driving Potato Hits The Road - vegetables provided with agency. What a world we live in.
Something is terribly wrong.
What football will look like in the future - do you hear that? Do not be afraid, but something is terribly wrong. I'm afraid that this page is going to disintegrate. Is this what all modern sports writing has become, and if so, why did nobody tell me? Avoiding spoilers, but this is pretty much the Frog Fractions of American football - and there's still a week to go.

Bonus Musical Hacking corner:

  • The Red Special: Brian May's Handmade Guitar - as a youngster, the noted astrophysicist, friend of badgers and Isaac Newton lookalike made an electric guitar with his dad. Apparently he still plays it.
  • The Legend of the Deacy Amp - meanwhile, the fellow hacker, engineering student and part-time musician John Deacon finds an old circuit board in a skip and turns it into a guitar amplifier for his own musical stylings. Supposedly he used it quite a lot.

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1. Football of the future

Posted by phuzz at 9:17AM, Monday July 10 2017

I don't know about most sport writing, but Jon Bois was the genius/nutcase behind Breaking Madden (, which has taught me basically everything I know about American Football, through gifs of the Madden game gradually being broken.
Highly recommended (and I can't wait to see where 17776 ends up going)

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2. PS

Posted by phuzz at 3:40AM, Tuesday July 11 2017

This is probably right up your street (and the streets of a lot of your readers, including me):
Breaking into the Buran hangers.

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3. Re: Football of the future

Posted by Cargo Cult at 10:51PM, Sunday July 23 2017

Been really slacking on replying to stuff - anyway, many thanks for the extra links!

For a start, I'm concerned that viewing images like this might get me chucked out of Seattle:

They take their Seahawks handegg stuff very seriously here.

The whole Breaking Madden thing reminds me a little of Mr. Concerned's Living in Oblivion - seeing how far a game will bend by applying some (comedically) serious rules to it:

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4. Re: Re: Football of the future

Posted by Cargo Cult at 10:55PM, Sunday July 23 2017

Also, I've been fighting off an ongoing spam assault here on the blog-beast. I've added some cruelly unfair anti-spam rules on commenting here - they shouldn't get triggered accidentally unless you're really trying - but they're really unkind to robots who were convinced they'd 'solved' ReCaptcha...

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5. I hope....

Posted by gibbles at 2:51PM, Wednesday September 13 2017

Hope you are doing ok man, no updates in a long time.

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