Sunday Things - MORE SPAAAAAACE edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday July 22 2012

First of all, let's get the particularly SPAAAACE-oriented link out of the way:

Spheres that insist on going into space are inferior to spheres that don't.
Wheatley in Spaaaaaaace! - laser-etched Wheatley on a panel being carried by the Japanese HTV-3 supply craft. Disclosure: I worked on Portal 2. INSERT MONEY HERE BWUHAHAHAHA.

Now on with the merely space-oriented linkage:

Mir in haitch-dee!

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IMAX: Mission to Mir - the other evening I was looking for decent imagery of the inside of the sadly departed Russian Mir space station. After sifting through fuzzy, low-resolution contemporary JPEGs and MPEGs I found the mother-lode - a 1990s IMAX documentary uploaded to YouTube in glorious 1080p. Extra: Soviet space-fungus!

Not a sarlacc pit. (I hate Star Trek.)
A Hole in Mars - caves on the moon and Mars utterly fascinate me. The idea of human-navigable spaces untouched for perhaps billions of years - I really really really want to see inside. via unofficial APOD RSS feed

Significantly cleaner and more spacious than the real thing.
Making of Moon - the film, that is. Fascinating blog from the film's visual designer, who thanks to the implausibly low budget and limited resources was involved with everything even remotely visual. Splendid results - beware spoilers. via laura

Bonus Peculiar Cartography corner:

  • Strange Maps - "all kinds of intriguing maps - real, fictional, and what-if ones". (By the way, I love maps. Scattered around my flat: a huge nautical chart for the San Juan Islands, a geological map for where I grew up in the coal-mining East Midlands, 1950s geological maps and plans for mineral mines from Central America (a box filled with the things courtesy of Powell's Books!), an old walker's map of the Lake District, large-scale maps of Brussels, etc. etc. etc. - then I make fictitious ones in my day-job. Nice.) via isoma
  • Baarle-Nassau - ridiculously complicated border between Belgium and the Netherlands. There's a bit of the Netherlands surrounded by Belgium surrounded by the Netherlands...
  • Geological Investigation of the Alluvial Valley of the Lower Mississippi River, Part IV - I think I'm going to be printing out these maps...

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1. Exclaves

Posted by Cargo Cult at 3:31PM, Sunday July 22 2012

More freaky map-bits: - "There are 102 Indian enclaves inside Bangladesh and 71 Bangladeshi ones inside India, with a combined population between 50,000 to 100,000. Inside those enclaves are also 28 counter-enclaves and one counter-counter-enclave." (via H) - not nearly as complex, but it's a big chunk of Russia that's not attached to the rest of Russia. (I've been pretty close to it, too...)

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2. Maps

Posted by chiasaur11 at 12:22AM, Wednesday July 25 2012

Man, it's so easy to forget how arbitrary borders can be.

Interesting stuff.

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