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posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday June 3 2012

Right, time to actually post some links. Behold, links!

Frozen beasts about to eat Arctic explorers?
Sentinels of the Arctic from Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Iron oxide is a vital part of any urban explorer's diet. Also, asbestos.
Exelon Power Station from 'randompkguy' on Flickr, who has plenty more dereliction to gawp at.

Public transportation is presumably insufficiently futuristic
Hyper-futuristic car dashboards from Dark Roasted Blend.

Bonus Inappropriate Taxidermy Corner (animal lovers beware):

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1. For the first time in my life I wish I understood dutch

Posted by Pace at 7:36PM, Monday June 4 2012

So, really then, what is a hylobatidae?

Cargo Cult's gravatar

2. Hylobates, Hoolock, Nomascus and Symphalangus

Posted by Cargo Cult at 10:49PM, Monday June 4 2012

Hylobatidae? Family comprising gibbons.

Why? When I was first setting out into the Glorious Land of Work, the existing IT persons at a company I'd done some odd-jobs for had been often compared with gibbons.

Declaring myself to be an altogether higher class of gibbon (cue monocle, top hat and twirling of moustache) I proceeded to storm through the Belgian IT world with such unheard of traits as 'vague competence', 'house-training' and 'being able to identify a terribly expensive server being connected to the terribly expensive network via a rickety old 10Mb/s hub'.

(The gibbons proceeded to install a new and terribly expensive 100Mb/s switch into the rack, which I then had to point out may have had power but didn't actually have any network cables plugged in. I was very popular.)

So there you go. The true story of why I ended up with this impossible-to-spell in-joke of a domain name - it's actually a veiled insult towards an otherwise-forgotten group of utter numpties.

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