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posted in Photography by Cargo Cult on Saturday August 11 2012

Expect some jumbo-sized uploads to Flickr quite imminently, but I've recently found myself unexpectedly exploring multiple Canadian research establishments with a camera.

Your intrepid correspondent has braved ionising radiation (dosage in the order of consuming three bananas), strong magnetic fields and radio-quiet valleys in order to bring you these glimpses of SCIENCE in Canada.

Edit 2012-08-24: Now on Flickr, the TRIUMF cyclotron and the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory. Enjoy!

Canadian radio telescopes are PUNY AND INSIGNIFICANT compared with the mighty Jodrell Bank. Cyclotrons are not to be confused with velodromes. They've yet to discover intelligent life south of the 49th parallel. They're waiting for you, Gordon. In the test chamber.

In other astrophysical news, pioneering radio astronomer, hero of the Space Race and arboriculturalist, Sir Bernard Lovell, has died aged 98. Of note: I once pointed a radio telescope at the radio telescope.

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1. Blimey!

Posted by phuzz at 2:54AM, Sunday August 12 2012

That control station in the last pic is amazing, I'd expect something looking more like the second picture in most physics institutions.

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