Sunday Thing - miniature Mars Science Laboratory edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday August 12 2012

Previously, details of landings on alien planets were left to the imagination.

The barest minimum of links this week, thanks to an extended trip to Canada - so, here goes. Want updates on NASA and JPL's daring Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover on Mars? Try the Planetary Society's extensive blogs, complete with gloriously excessive detail and insider information. Need raw imagery for stitching into fancy new panoramas and the like? Look at the Raw Image Library on the MSL site. Would rather see pre-constructed panoramas and other enthusiast-produced visualisations? The Unmanned Spaceflight forums definitely win at that.

One of my Intended Career Paths in the distant past was to become some kind of planetary scientist, exploring the surfaces of our nearby planets. Unlike distant stars or exoplanets, we have the ability to get up close - while walking on the surface of, say, Mars is perhaps many decades away, that doesn't stop us from poking remotely controlled cameras wherever we like, be it Venus, Mars or even Titan...

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