Sunday Things - miscellaneous edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday September 30 2012

Sundays are for realising the combination of a cold and jet-lag has prevented the Saturday night compilation of the latest Sunday Things. So in a way, this is late - and for the first time ever - but it's still Sunday. So things can't be so bad?

Sunbathing is far riskier than anyone imagined.
August 31st Coronal Mass Ejection - giant eruption on the Sun, imaged by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. I'm only posting this 'cause anyone who somehow hasn't seen this already is seriously missing out!

Hopefully not foul Greek graffiti? Winter sports facilities always look strange without snow
Abandoned Olympic Sites - the intentionally transient nature of much of the London Olympics' constructions may help avoid a similar fate, but infrastructure from previous games has stuck around... There are some great other links within the article, too. via locworks

A knotty problem.
Knots on Mars - a few thoughts on the hand-tied knots lacing together cables on the MSL Curiosity Mars rover, courtesy of the International Guild of Knot Tyers (no, really). I've always found that space probes are a beautiful intersection of precision engineering and delicately hand-built prototypes - cosmetic imperfections and evidence of modifications reveal their defiantly non-mass-produced nature. via David

Bonus Extreme Weather corner:

  • Extreme Instability - people's hero goes chasing storms in a car with a camera. I went through what looked like a weather front in northern France the other day - a huge bank of clouds with damp consequences on the other side.
  • Atmospheric Optics - all those funny crepuscular rays, parhelia, supernumerary rainbows, halos and noctilucent clouds all have names, don't you know.
  • French Warship versus Big Waves - I'm hoping for weather like that on Lake Washington. The 271 bus has already been splashed by smaller waves...

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