Sunday Things - abandonment and auroral edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday October 21 2012

SCIENCE! Also, rusty.
Remains of the High Power Auroral Stimulation (HIPAS) Observatory in Two Rivers, Alaska - according to Wikipedia they got up to all sorts of things, including heating the ionosphere in order to create artificial aurorae, spinning mercury to form curved mirrors, and disposing of hazardous waste using a plasma torch. All gone now...
The Staberinde and friends?
The Atlantic Ghost Fleet - lovely photos of the French Navy's ghost fleet in Brest, Brittany. Nautical rust!
Belgium, man, Belgium!
Nato Bunker Kemmelberg - former Nato bunker in Belgium, for your cold war paranoiac needs. Compare Britain's Secret Nuclear Bunker!

Bonus Pictoral Aurorae Corner: Possibly not created by HIPAS, linked above...

I can't see my house from here!
Aurorae over Planet Earth - captured by the American Suomi-NPP satellite - the sun's been in quite a farty mood lately...
Very much northern lights.
Icelandic Lights - captured by a Jean-Luc Dauvergne, who possibly isn't a research satellite.


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Aurorae on Jupiter - courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope and Boston University's HST Aurora Campaign. Other planets get aurorae too! Assuming they have worthwhile magnetic fields, of course...

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