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Raw images spotted! Self-portaiture using MAHLI instrument verified! Unofficial MSL Curiosity self-portrait assembled using Hugin! Dust-covered camera lens cap retracted!

MSL Curiosity self-portrait!
Click for decidedly large! Still just half the resolution it popped out of Hugin, though. I need to mess around with different projections, too...

Edit 2012-11-01: Please note that the above image is an utterly unofficial panorama made from the converted-for-web raw images very kindly provided by the Mars Science Laboratory teams. They've already got an official, low-resolution panorama up - I'll link to the official full-res version when that gets posted. If you're a news source looking for imagery, please do use the official stuff instead!

Edit 2012-11-01: Official high-resolution self-portrait panorama is up! Now with actual scientific and engineering know-how behind it:

NASA's MSL Curiosity self-portrait.

Edit 2012-11-03: Highly unofficial interactive panorama displayed using the WebGL-using, HTML-5-powered Pannellum viewer. Apparently only works on Chrome, Firefox and Safari (with WebGL enabled). Enjoy!

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1. How?

Posted by phuzz at 8:00AM, Thursday November 1 2012

How did you cover up the arm that the hand lens is attached to?

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2. Re: How?

Posted by Cargo Cult at 10:18AM, Thursday November 1 2012


(There's a bit of parallax when MAHLI shifts around to different angles, and somehow it got enough coverage of the area covered by the arm that Hugin managed to remove it completely. I only realised quite what a good job it had done afterwards - this was a stitch done with only idiot-simple settings...)

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