Sunday Things - miscellaneous edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday November 18 2012

Google Translate declared this to be the 'Combine DAG'. Hmm...
Kombinat DAG Alfred Nobel Krzystkowice - ruins of a WW2-era German munitions factory in the forests outside Nowogród Bobrzański, Poland. More shots here! via locworks


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Tower climbers working - more vertigo-inducing video, this time of workers climbing a 540m-high radio tower in a not-actually-OSHA-compilant manner. I tried identifying the tower shown. Did you realise how many radio masts of greater than 500m in height there are in the USA? Blimey. via kris
Moulin ... bleu?
Ice caving, Gornergletscher - while looking at photos from the BBC's Operation Iceberg, I discovered that their photo-taking ice-climber had taken lots of photos of ice-climbing elsewhere in the world.

Bonus The Robots Are Replacing Us corner:

  • Random Shopper - a bot is given a budget and goes shopping for unknown items on Amazon. First shipment is decidedly mysterious...
  • Agisoft PhotoScan - extract detailed, 3D model data from photos. The free, two-image StereoScan is quite impressive also. I suspect it's code originally intended for Soviet cruise missiles and the like.
  • Windows 95 Tips - the guide for Windows Me was written by Cthulhu himself.
  • SynDaver - vomit-inducingly realistic anatomical models, as spotted on MythBusters. My desk at work is notoriously untidy as it is. I need to add more stuff.

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