Mystery Project - part 2

posted in Electronics by Cargo Cult on Friday November 23 2012

I'm good at having weird things arrive through the post. The latest acquisition?

Observation: box is labelled 'potatoes'. Plenty of bubble-wrap! Not seen: the Royal Warrant of Appointment. Plenty of room inside to work.
Vital hardware for my mystery Raspberry Pi project has arrived! Now to integrate the prototype with its enclosure...

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1. Radio nostalgia

Posted by Azurist at 11:39AM, Saturday November 24 2012

It's strange, the design of that looks very similar to the ubiquitous Hacker radios in the background of every BBC program filmed in the 1960s.

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2. Hacker of the different kind

Posted by Cargo Cult at 7:31PM, Saturday November 24 2012

This one was considerably cheaper!

(I think it was a common design for UK-built radios. This one is from somewhere in the 1970s, possibly fairly early judging by the serial number and the logo. My grandfather had one very much like it, but nobody could remember where it had gone so I braved the wilds of eBay...)

Anyway. I've just stuck some batteries in it to see how much works. First thing to appear over these American airwaves?


The excellent news is that the radio's bass is plain terrifying if turned up to its granny-vibrating maximum. Fortunately Radio 4 won't need such denture-shaking beats...

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3. Re: Hacker of the different kind

Posted by Cargo Cult at 9:14PM, Saturday November 24 2012

... And, poking wires into the thing, I've isolated the audio out from the AM tuner. Snip that, and I can introduce my own audio - while still allowing switching to FM.

(I had it tuned to a dead SW station, then injected in some Radiohead over a cable from my laptop. This thing is seriously hackable.)

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