Sunday Things - Sunday edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday November 25 2012

More links for your perusal. Please note: additional additions greatly appreciated! Post 'em in the comments. Or send an email. But enough of that, back to the Sunday Things:

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection - all kinds of weird and wonderful old maps to peer at and download. See also: the Big Map Blog for more cartographic intrigue.
They stole my neighbours!
'Nail houses' in China - occupants who refuse to sell up and move out, temporarily blocking the relentless tide of demolition and construction.

Space is big. Almost as big as the International Space Station.

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Tour of the International Space Station - note the emergency cleanup facilities in the space-bog, and the utterly cramped Soyuz space-capsule.
I likes me a derelict island, I do.
Hashima Island, Japan - that motherlode of urban exploration has apparently appeared in a film or something. As someone who likes the occasional abandoned island, a must-see! (The island, and possibly the film too...) via karen
NASA splashdowns were in the balmy Pacific. Russians? Tougher.
ISS Expedition 33 landing - in which Ms. Williams lands the aforementioned Soyuz capsule back on Earth. See also: Soyuz re-entry.

Bonus Robots and Computers corner:

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