Sunday Things - another edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday December 2 2012

Big-endian FTW
Motorola MC68000 processor die, imaged by the 6502-simulating-from-base-principles Visual 6502 project. They've also got an RCA 1802 CPU, as used in various spacecraft.

A cosmic coincidence that the Moon has the same angular diameter as the Sun

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Total solar eclipse on 14th November - seen from 37km above the Earth. Romanian-Australian project, launching a camera-carrying balloon into the vast shadow cast by the Moon. via
The Life Aquatic, without Steve Zissou
NOAA Aquarius Reef Base - underwater habitat used by NASA in a glorious series of 1960s-style human retro-experiments. Sadly, the thing's probably just lost its NOAA funding.

Lord Lucan riding Shergar, up there somewhere

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Cool Things to Find - excellent parody of a you-must-have-seen-it safety video, this time with - wait, what? In other news, Curiosity's one-for-the-history-books statement was, erm, referring to the entire mission. Any Martians will have to wait a little while.
Ladybower reservoir overflow - quite a few years ago, I was on a rail-replacement bus meandering its way from Manchester across a rainy Peak District. I basically had no idea where we were, when the bus went straight past a rather large lake - with a rather large hole in it. It took me a while to find out what the hell I'd seen.

Bonus Hard Science Fiction for Free corner:

  • Blindsight - deliciously hard science, describing the discovery of a less-than-inscrutable alien presence. Whole book online, Creative Commons licence! Mr. Peter Watts has other books online, a donation jar, and the scars from the outlandishly sci-fi-style necrotising fasciitis (WARNING: GORY).
  • Short stories from Greg Egan - razor-sharp fictional physics from Australia-land. The interstellar, no-faster-than-light human civilisation in the you'll have-to-pay-for-it Schild's Ladder was fantastic. And all too plausible.

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1. Hey

Posted by Phil at 6:04PM, Sunday December 2 2012

UA (ex) Phil here. I live a few miles from that now :)

Drop me a mail!


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2. Imposter alert

Posted by parm at 10:18AM, Wednesday December 5 2012

There's some guy pretending to be you being interviewed on Rock Paper Shotgun. Disgraceful! He does know a lot about you though; I think you've got a stalker.

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3. Confluence of UAers!

Posted by Cargo Cult at 12:37PM, Wednesday December 5 2012

HELLO, etc.

Phil: you live within a few miles of the NOAA Aquarius Reef Base? Nice! (I assume you actually mean Ladybower reservoir. Please explore internals for photographic purposes. Will send email.)

Parm: yeah, no idea what that's about:

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4. Greg Egan

Posted by Pace at 9:50PM, Thursday December 6 2012

Thanks for the Greg Egan links, some interesting stuff there.

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