Sunday Things - post-apocalyptic, pre-Newtonmas edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday December 23 2012

So, the Mayan apocalypse turned out to be deeply disappointing - and the anniversary of the birth of Sir Isaac Newton isn't quite upon us. Ignoring calendrical differences for the latter, obviously. So what else do we have?

The Sunday Things.

I think I missed my train here...
Mayfield, the ghost station of Manchester - I used to regularly catch trains from Manchester Oxford Road and Manchester Piccadilly, but never knew there was an abandoned third station just nearby. I wish I'd gone exploring that city with a pre-digital camera... via Jason M.
At least one seat is allocated to a Dr. Strangelove.
Inside NASA's Mysterious Rubber Room - deep underneath the launch pads at Kennedy Space Centre lie some strange, disused remnants of the Apollo programme. Rubber-lined corridors and shock-proof blast-rooms, ready to withstand an exploding Saturn V rocket. See also: Mr. Scriptunas' Best Spaceflight Photos of 2012. via Gryn
Quite a ridiculously high polygon count.
Multi-gigapixel panorama of Mount Everest - by David Breashears. Almost too much to look at - an impossibly detailed alien landscape, lifeless except for the insect-like trails of climbers and their colourful detritus on some modern pilgrimage to the highest point on the planet. via

The mechanical meets the biological.
Robots at Work and Play - robots robots robots, robots robots. Robots robots robots? Robots! #35? Baby-faced firefighting segway. Freaky.
Egyptologists have also wondered about the empty sarcophagi at the hearts of the pyramids.
Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Station - near-fully-constructed power plant in Austria, never actually commissioned. flash-free images

Bonus Merry Christmas! corner:

What the Christmas message is all about...

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The Spirit of Christmas - lovingly told by Cyriak himself. Awww...

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