Sunday Things - urbex edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday January 6 2013

What would we do without intrepid photographers infiltrating abandoned buildings? Probably have to go infiltrating more of them ourselves, of course.

The science of corrosion.
Abandoned biological research laboratories - full set - a M. Anatole Lb has many many other sets on Flickr. Wow.
I was born in Sheffield, don't you know.
Sheffield Town Hall and Courts - full set - while a Mr. M D Allen has more Midlands-oriented rust, demolition and dereliction in yet more sets on Flickr.

I think it's some sort of hairdryer?
W Steel Corporation - full set - randompkguy Esq. brings us some more American corrosion in a wide range of sets. He was already mentioned in the very first Sunday Things, no less.

Bonus Someone's GPU Is Melting corner:

What is a Fluxion and should it Klax like that?

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1. Magna

Posted by phuzz at 4:17AM, Sunday January 6 2013

Did you ever go to the Magna museum in Sheffield? It's all built inside some massive old steel smelting sheds. The museum takes up about 10% of this massive, empty, rusty space. It's an incredible place.

Cargo Cult's gravatar

2. Magnope :-(

Posted by Cargo Cult at 8:25PM, Sunday January 6 2013

Haven't, no - but it's now added to my Giant List Of Places To Visit. Thanks!

(Said list contains everything from local museums to distant planets, arranged in order of plausibility and attainability. I think the long-destroyed Mir space station is in there too, somewhere...)

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