Sunday Things - oh-hello edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday January 13 2013

So it would appear after the Radio-4-Matic escapades earlier this week, I gained some more readers!


To you, I shall explain the Sunday Things - essentially, every Sunday I post some Things. Which are interesting. To me, at least. To you? Let us find out.

Eddie Mair: people's hero.

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Kitchen Atom Bomb - after my own appearance on PM, here's quite possibly the greatest interview in the history of everything - with Richard Handl, a Swedish man who built a nuclear reactor in his kitchen.
Some sort of factory-thing?
Заброшенный сахарный завод - prised from the bookmarks, explorations of some sort of abandoned post-Soviet chemical factory? I could run it through an automated translator, but that's cheating!
Information leaves shadows.
The Basement - somewhere in Portland there's an old building with an old basement, with a room that holds a hyper-modern secret.

Bonus Cold War Transmissions corner:

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