Sunday Things - photographic edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday February 3 2013

Various photographic links for today, coincidentally pointing towards that Flickr-thing. Engage the photonic experimentalism!

Move over, tilt-shift.
Chicago in Synthetic Focus - effectively capturing Lytro-style light-fields with conventional equipment, to simulate giant, wide-aperture cameras with Hugin and Python.
Demolition composites - ghostly shots of dying buildings, composited together from multiple images. Compare.
Expired long before I was born.
Ektachrome-X (135) - it's trendy these days to use expired film, in order to get weird colour shifts and the like. But what about film that expired in 1968? See also...
Bit chilly out, innit.
After the Warehouse Fire - take one fire in a warehouse in Chicago, add bitingly cold weather and fire trucks spraying water, receive some lovely ice-covered ruins. It's disappointingly non-wintry in Seattle right now. I demand another snowpocalypse!

Bonus I-Wonder-Who's-Lurking-In-Eastern-Washington corner:

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