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posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday June 10 2012

Splendid transit of Venus from the Japanese Hinode satellite.

Michelangelo was a level designer - designing and optimising sniper balconies for ideal camping opportunities.

Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!
Stacked star-trail photos from the International Space Station. (With all the timelapses and whatnot recently, did they just get a delivery of dSLRs?)

Bonus Doing away with computers corner:

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1. Out of Time?

Posted by En Ex at 6:46PM, Monday June 11 2012

That Venus picture is (I'm so sorry) out of this world. Thank you for sharing that stuff.

If you'll pardon my asking, are there any updates in regards to Out of Time?

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2. Out of Time.

Posted by Cargo Cult at 11:12PM, Tuesday June 12 2012

That old thing? Eh, maybe when I finish work on everything else. ;-)

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