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posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday February 24 2013

More links! You get the idea.

Robot wondering when it's time to come home.
360º Curiosity self-portrait panorama - this clever blend of MAHLI and Mastcam imagery gives a full 360º view of everything. Check out the incredible interactive version for more. In other Mars news, the space-robot is slowly readying rock samples from holes it has drilled. Any moment now, it'll ingest this new rock dust and analyse it deep within its scientific bowels...


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Sinclair C5 infomercial - the video could well be a masterfully deadpan work of satire. Sir Clive Sinclair's electrified lump of plastic surprisingly didn't lead to a transportation revolution.
Pixel-peeping MTF-charting spy-satellite operators?
There Are Giant Camera Resolution Test Charts Scattered Across the US - so, you've got yourself a chunky big aerial camera or spy satellite. How to determine quite how fancy it is? There are test charts embedded into the United States itself. Handy.
Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep
SR 99 tunnel boring machine - under construction in Japan, this mechanical monster (affectionately named 'Bertha') is due to munch its way underneath Seattle this summer as part of the Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement tunnel. Photos of the aptly-named 'launch pit' are here...

Bonus Icy Architecture corner:

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1. Tunnels!

Posted by phuzz at 4:14AM, Monday February 25 2013

A good look at the aftermath of one of those tunnel boring machines:

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2. Re: Tunnels!

Posted by Cargo Cult at 11:35PM, Saturday March 2 2013

BORING. In a good way, obviously!

(Been compiling the Sunday Things again. A link may be in it. Cheers!)

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