Sunday Things - post-infinite edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday March 31 2013

Today's somewhat abbreviated Things has been slightly delayed due to finishing Bioshock Infinite. Oops. Mini-review: excellent. Also, people claiming the ending doesn't make sense? Amateurs. Any fan of Fringe would follow it just fine...

The Soviet equivalent of Florida.

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Soyuz TMA-22 launch - further to last week's article's Feynman love-in in the comments, here's a counterpoint to the Space Shuttle's tendency to explode when launched in cold weather. A Soyuz launching during an actual blizzard? Hell yeah. Around 22 seconds in - gorgeous.
In space, everyone can hear you fart.
Rare Images From Inside a Soyuz During Flight - shots from inside Soyuz TMA-20. So what's it like inside one of those things? Kind of cramped. I suddenly understand exactly why they developed a six-hour flight to the International Space Station to replace the usual two-day one...
Another relic of the Cold War.
Tupolev Tu-160 - while we're at it, have a lovely photo of this monster from the latter days of the Soviet Union. A book I had as a child had a few artists' impressions and a fuzzy satellite image of this thing. And plenty of information on the American B-1.

Bonus Would Give Cyriak Nightmares corner:

  • Man Spaghetti - contains neither man nor spaghetti. Utterly surreal, disturbing animation. via b3ta

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I just watched that Soyuz launch with the volume up, I think I may have woken up my flatmates...

In case you were wondering how photographers get those great in flight photos that look like they were stood just in front of it:

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