Sunday Things - Edité-Frignim edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday April 28 2013

Important information! And some rust and decay.

Our fantastic leader uses Helvetica (I checked)

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Building a Human - pay attention to this important message from our fantastic leader, Arpoovian Shebber-Shenty. From the creators of Look Around You (electrocuted).
All the world's a stage, and oops that bit just dropped off
Stages of Decay - newly-available photo book from Julia Solis documenting the fading theatres, cinemas and vaudeville houses in this 21st century. via rjp
A surprisingly cheery post-apocalypse
Happy End - Dietmar Eckell's photos of long-abandoned aircraft wrecks, remnants from crashes in which everyone survived. Loads more to explore on the site as well. via Michael C.

Bonus Spaghetti Code corner:

  • The Marbled Lungfish - largest known genome of any vertebrate, this unassuming creature is the Microsoft Windows of the animal world. What does it do with a genome over forty times the size of a human's?

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