Sunday Things - miniature egotism edition

posted in Media by Cargo Cult on Sunday May 5 2013

Brain has been eaten by re-release of a side project. For anyone here due to Raspberry Pi hacking or whatever, my previous hobby of computer game modding accidentally turned into a job. Anyway, for various reasons, I've got round to re-releasing my oft-downloaded Half-Life 2 mod. On Valve's mighty, world-spanning Steam. Yay!

A bit higher profile than Das FileGoatMatic®
MINERVA on Steam - or if you'd rather, the super-cryptic official site.

Things will be back to normal next week, once my brain has accumulated sufficient new links for linking.

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1. Minerva follow up

Posted by someone at 4:26AM, Sunday May 5 2013

Wasn't there a Minerva follow up on the work ?

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2. Unfourtunately

Posted by phuzz at 3:55AM, Monday May 6 2013

Unfortunately, you managed to time the release with a bank holiday in the UK, with ACTUAL SUN! So it'll be a few days before I get round to replaying it.

Ok, I'm mainly being smug.

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3. Minerva?

Posted by Sosa at 9:34PM, Tuesday May 7 2013

Please make Minerva: Out of Time.


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4. tell us tell us tell us tell us tell us

Posted by Pace at 2:19PM, Sunday May 12 2013

I just played through it again for the first time in quite awhile. Still outstanding, no sign of aging. I obviously always enjoyed the cryptic storyline, and the great 'sense of place' it gives. I went back over the story tidbits on the website and in both mods and around and I think I can more or less piece things together, given all our accumulated info.
Still some questions though; what really happened to Ms. Hauschild after being zipped off to that mirror/triplet/whatever universe? Who are/were her 'adopted forefathers'? Do the combine now know about them? What next???
Clearly we need a followup of some sort?! I didn't see any Minerva-related stuff in Portal 2, perhaps in your current activities? I hope that is something half-life/Portal/?Minerva? related?

Ah well, had to ask.

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