Thursday Things

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Thursday June 14 2012

Top. Men.
Fifty greatest matte paintings - yeah, it's a list, but it's got some weird and wonderful stuff. And Hitchcock was an absolute master of showing things that weren't there, it turns out.

Like a helicopter without the sanity.
Tailsitter Aeroplanes - as with anything in the early Cold War, completely and utterly insane.

FOR SALE: sea view
Last house on Holland Island - since fallen into the sea. Reminds me a bit of the Brighton West Pier...

'Tokamak' - lovely word.
Giant cross-section of ITER tokamak - currently under construction in the south of France.

Bonus Cuddly Robots of DOOM corner:

  • Ping Bot - tiny robot which scuttles around a table, beeping curiously - before releasing a tiny knife-missile which plunges through your sternum.
  • Yellow Drum Machine - samples its own beats tapped out on its surroundings, then samples your own screams as it burrows through your skull.

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