Sunday Things - catchup edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday August 4 2013

It's still Sunday here! Just...

Try wearing this through a TSA checkpoint.
Behold, the Innards of a Spacesuit - spacesuits are an incredible mix of flexible textiles and hard engineering - individual-sized spacecraft part-made with sewing machines. Glimpse inside their hidden internal structures with some X-rays...

The Secret Life of Machines (also on YouTube) - I was reminded of Tim Hunkin's work the other day, having grown up on a healthy diet of the aforementioned television series and The Rudiments of Wisdom. Right now he's operating a gloriously insane amusement arcade in Southwold - go explore his vast website for obsolete photographic processes, Victorian nanotech and miniaturised holidays.

Not the Shipping Forecast

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3D Point Cloud of the Shipping Galleries - I once found this forgotten maritime wing of London's Science Museum purely by accident - on a hurry to get somewhere else, this huge collection of models took me entirely by surprise. Now recently closed, it's been captured for posterity with Lidar...

Bonus Contributed Linkage corner:

  • Oak Island - location of the so-called Money Pit, a presumably natural feature declared by many to be the site of buried treasure, with a range of fantastical origins. Akin to false clues in an ARG, the assumption that the site is special has inexplicably persisted over the years. Fascinating! via Pace
  • Experimental Aircraft - Imgur gallery of peculiar aircraft, always a favourite on this 'ere blog-thing. via proogs
  • Modern Ruins of Abandoned Detroit - I have a copy of the book this article is based around. It's positively splendid in its dereliction. via 'Beat Darwin'

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