Sunday Things - guess what more links edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday August 18 2013

A quick selection this week:

A hideous artefact intruding into our world from a separate universe.
The Art of 3D Print Failure - Flickr group chronicling 3D printers' less successful attempts, with some peculiarly baroque geometry.
Mars! Digitally!
Martian Terrain Tutorial - fellow Valve Britisher Tristan Reidford converts some Martian terrain models into something more accessible to high-end 3D software. See also: my Seattle LIDAR experimenterings.
All silver suits, Googie architecture and atomic everything.
The Glamour of Spaceflight - whizzing through photos from this NASA account, I spotted this particularly mundane example of spaceflight's impact. At least try to smile, people!

Bonus Misusing Scientific Imaging Hardware corner:

  • All Eyes on ISON - so, there's a newly found comet approaching the sun that, with luck, could well be the comet of the century. But it's hard to see from the Earth right now, so monitoring its activity is tricky. Good news: there's the stunning HiRISE camera (see above) orbiting Mars. Of a design really not suited for distant astronomical observations...

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