Sunday Things - happy fun edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday June 17 2012

"Oh, don't mind the tripod. I'm just taking some deeply sinister photos. Carry on!"
City of Shadows - long, black-and-white exposures of a newly post-communist Saint Petersburg, from Alexey Titarenko.

I think it likes me!
Video and Optical - bulbous, insectile machines, monitoring and watching and listening, from Bjoern Schuelke.

I think I just soiled myself. :-(
METACHAOS - feeling cheerful? Sleeping well? Change all that with this frankly horrifying animation - filamentatious, ferrofluidic writhing by way of Silent Hill and Cyriak's worst nightmares, from Alessandro Bavari.

Had enough? Here's an emergency bonus Cuddly Fluffy Animal Corner to aid the recovery.

So cute!
Leopard Moth - from Wikipedia.

I miss these blighters. :-(
Cockchafer Beetle - also from Wikipedia. Do you find its name ... amusing, eh? You disgust me!

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