Sunday Things - Sunday edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday August 11 2013

Links! On Sunday!

Gelatinous socialism. Be afraid, Daily Mail readers.
12 Reasons Pyrosomes Are My New Favorite Terrifying Sea Creatures - giant coordinated colonies of tiny invertebrates. The next step up from multicellular creatures? The colony pictured above is a small one...

The right stuff, part 16

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Apollo 16: Nothing so Hidden - documentary on Apollo 16. Humans were getting the hang of landing on the moon, the incredible almost becoming routine... Ignore the blithering idiot hoax-fanatics in the comments. Actually, ignore all YouTube comments ever!
Ekranoplans yeah!
The Ekranoplans Showcase - Dark Roasted Blend on everyone's favourite Soviet ground-effect vehicles.

Bonus Curiosity Mars Science Laboratory corner:

Sunday Things - catchup edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday August 4 2013

It's still Sunday here! Just...

Try wearing this through a TSA checkpoint.
Behold, the Innards of a Spacesuit - spacesuits are an incredible mix of flexible textiles and hard engineering - individual-sized spacecraft part-made with sewing machines. Glimpse inside their hidden internal structures with some X-rays...

The Secret Life of Machines (also on YouTube) - I was reminded of Tim Hunkin's work the other day, having grown up on a healthy diet of the aforementioned television series and The Rudiments of Wisdom. Right now he's operating a gloriously insane amusement arcade in Southwold - go explore his vast website for obsolete photographic processes, Victorian nanotech and miniaturised holidays.

Not the Shipping Forecast

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3D Point Cloud of the Shipping Galleries - I once found this forgotten maritime wing of London's Science Museum purely by accident - on a hurry to get somewhere else, this huge collection of models took me entirely by surprise. Now recently closed, it's been captured for posterity with Lidar...

Bonus Contributed Linkage corner:

  • Oak Island - location of the so-called Money Pit, a presumably natural feature declared by many to be the site of buried treasure, with a range of fantastical origins. Akin to false clues in an ARG, the assumption that the site is special has inexplicably persisted over the years. Fascinating! via Pace
  • Experimental Aircraft - Imgur gallery of peculiar aircraft, always a favourite on this 'ere blog-thing. via proogs
  • Modern Ruins of Abandoned Detroit - I have a copy of the book this article is based around. It's positively splendid in its dereliction. via 'Beat Darwin'

Sunday Things - road trip edition

posted in Photography by Cargo Cult on Sunday July 28 2013

Just returned from a slightly ridiculous Grand American Road Trip. Of note: free WiFi in cheap motels can be a bit lacking, thus the absence of last week's Sunday Things. The horror! The first one missed ever!

Have some photos instead. I have taken many. More here.

Soviet submarine Grand Canyon Lowell Observatory Hoover Dam

Normal service will resume next week - with some of the links graciously submitted by various readers! Cheers. I need to catch up with the intertubes...

Sunday Things - kerbal space edition

posted in Media by Cargo Cult on Sunday July 14 2013

Saturdays are for getting confused about dates and setting the following day's article to appear on Monday. Oops. Anyhow, one brief edit later, here are a few screenshots from a few weeks' escapades in the utterly fantastic Kerbal Space Program. Imagine a cross between Lego, Newtonian physics and the Space Race, all undercut with gloriously silly black humour.

Having a degree in physics and astrophysics? Kind of handy. It is rocket science! Although of a kind where if you understand the principles involved, you need never touch numbers or equations. Truly seat-of-the-trousers flying.

Kerbal Space Program: Mün 1 Kerbal Space Program: Mün 2 Kerbal Space Program: Mün 3 Kerbal Space Program: Mün 4 Kerbal Space Program: Minmus 1 Kerbal Space Program: Minmus 2 Kerbal Space Program: Minmus 3 Kerbal Space Program: Kerbin 1 Kerbal Space Program: Kerbin 2 Kerbal Space Program: Kerbin 3 Kerbal Space Program: Kerbin 4 Kerbal Space Program: Kerbin 5

Sunday Things - miscellaneous edition

posted in Links by Cargo Cult on Sunday July 7 2013

Considering it's artificial stone, concrete can decay remarkably quickly. I suppose it's that decidedly reactive rebar inside. This place will appear in a million computer games in six months or so.
Hashima Island on Google Street View - that oft-explored abandoned coal-mining facility off the coast of Japan has been explored again, this time with a Street View backpack. I've already spent ages photographing the place with the screenshot keyboard shortcut. via laura
WTF evolution, indeed.
The Mad Hatterpillar - out-hat all competitors by wearing one's previously moulted head capsule as a headpiece. Which in turn is wearing the previous head capsule as a headpiece, and so forth. via
In ten years, enthusiasts will be making new vintage CPUs from raw silicon.
Veronica - mad hacker-lady Quinn Dunki builds a 6502-based computer from first principles, home-etching PCBs with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Now complete with custom bit-banging GPU hardware, memory and even a keyboard. Amazing documentation of this glorious bit of hardware lunacy. See also: a Z80-based alternative, and even a complete custom wire-wrapped CPU.

Bonus Soviet Space Program corner: