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I love the raw images service provided by the Mars Science Laboratory teams. Inexplicable lumps of an alien world appearing like jigsaw pieces, just asking to be reassembled into something more understandable.

So, more images got posted, this time from the 100mm narrow-angle MastCam. Strange glimpses of twisted rocks, distant dust-obscured mountains, the tea-coloured sky...

Cue the Hugin.

I should have become a geologist.
MSL Curiosity Sol 107 panorama of Glenelg (~7MB, 7k×3k JPEG) - the mission's geologists are effectively being set loose in a vast toyshop. For science! Computer-destroyingly-large version here. And to think people complained about the 2 megapixel cameras?

The weirdly squishy-looking rocks to the centre-right, the angular broken blocks, the distant hills, the layered, eroded outcrop to the centre-left... Rocks!

It's kind of pointless turning this into an interactive panorama, what with the field of view being ~60×30 degrees...

Edit 2012-11-27: now updated and extended with images from Sol 109, here's an increasingly gigantic, unofficial panorama:

That's a reasonable about of space-data.
MSL Curiosity Sol 107, 109 panorama of Glenelg (~10MB, 10k×4k JPEG) - even more science. Blinking heck. Internet-destroyingly-large version here.

There's thumbnails for yet more images arriving. Too much data...

Sunday Things - Sunday edition

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More links for your perusal. Please note: additional additions greatly appreciated! Post 'em in the comments. Or send an email. But enough of that, back to the Sunday Things:

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection - all kinds of weird and wonderful old maps to peer at and download. See also: the Big Map Blog for more cartographic intrigue.
They stole my neighbours!
'Nail houses' in China - occupants who refuse to sell up and move out, temporarily blocking the relentless tide of demolition and construction.

Space is big. Almost as big as the International Space Station.

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Tour of the International Space Station - note the emergency cleanup facilities in the space-bog, and the utterly cramped Soyuz space-capsule.
I likes me a derelict island, I do.
Hashima Island, Japan - that motherlode of urban exploration has apparently appeared in a film or something. As someone who likes the occasional abandoned island, a must-see! (The island, and possibly the film too...) via karen
NASA splashdowns were in the balmy Pacific. Russians? Tougher.
ISS Expedition 33 landing - in which Ms. Williams lands the aforementioned Soyuz capsule back on Earth. See also: Soyuz re-entry.

Bonus Robots and Computers corner:

Mystery Project - part 2

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I'm good at having weird things arrive through the post. The latest acquisition?

Observation: box is labelled 'potatoes'. Plenty of bubble-wrap! Not seen: the Royal Warrant of Appointment. Plenty of room inside to work.
Vital hardware for my mystery Raspberry Pi project has arrived! Now to integrate the prototype with its enclosure...


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That Martian space-robot has gone for another space-drive - having poked and sniffed and ingested lots of Martian space-dust over the past weeks. Did it detect something important? We don't know yet!

Mars rocks. Geddit?
Interactive MSL Curiosity NAVCAM panorama - for sols 102 through to 104. I hear they're going to be taking shots for a big, full-colour panorama over Thanksgiving. Whatever that might be.

Anyway, to celebrate I've been poking away at Hugin and Photoshop to produce another Pannellum-powered interactive panorama. Explore!

Requires a WebGL-enabled browser, etc. etc. - works fine for me in Safari and Chrome.

Sunday Things - miscellaneous edition

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Google Translate declared this to be the 'Combine DAG'. Hmm...
Kombinat DAG Alfred Nobel Krzystkowice - ruins of a WW2-era German munitions factory in the forests outside Nowogród Bobrzański, Poland. More shots here! via locworks


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Tower climbers working - more vertigo-inducing video, this time of workers climbing a 540m-high radio tower in a not-actually-OSHA-compilant manner. I tried identifying the tower shown. Did you realise how many radio masts of greater than 500m in height there are in the USA? Blimey. via kris
Moulin ... bleu?
Ice caving, Gornergletscher - while looking at photos from the BBC's Operation Iceberg, I discovered that their photo-taking ice-climber had taken lots of photos of ice-climbing elsewhere in the world.

Bonus The Robots Are Replacing Us corner:

  • Random Shopper - a bot is given a budget and goes shopping for unknown items on Amazon. First shipment is decidedly mysterious...
  • Agisoft PhotoScan - extract detailed, 3D model data from photos. The free, two-image StereoScan is quite impressive also. I suspect it's code originally intended for Soviet cruise missiles and the like.
  • Windows 95 Tips - the guide for Windows Me was written by Cthulhu himself.
  • SynDaver - vomit-inducingly realistic anatomical models, as spotted on MythBusters. My desk at work is notoriously untidy as it is. I need to add more stuff.