Archive 4

{Black Mesa Research Facility: Employee Terminal:}
{kernel interrupt - 23:11:26 03/28/2002 - spurious console input}
--{timeout: no data to log}
{kernel interrupt - 23:12:03 03/28/2002 - spurious console input}
--{log contains unformatted data}

$ofut&re nokpa)t no pres}nt no li2e no deaH# no wSrldddddddddd

{kernel interrupt - 23:12:03 03/28/2002 - terminal pts/0x07d reset}

*Ometimes it can be hard to reAlise thf tru7h. When so much information hA(@Been hidden, destroyed, or otherwise made unavailable; when so much of what you see and hear is disinformation, distortions of the truth - it can bE{Jasy to get lost in the void. I was once in a simil3r situati?N|gbut after considering one of the few remaining options, I learned how to escape, how to view thin's from afar, from outside the plane you are stuck in. IT:K/Not impossible to leave the mundane surroundings in which you find yourself, it%^ust requires a little lat#ral thinking. IF you follow others, you might get there sooner or later, b(T remember - for7iveness of enemies c_Wb%nly come upon their repentance.

A friend of a f=iend.

--{timeout: no input after 30s}
{kernel interrupt - 00:45:41 03/29/2002 - UPS power drained}
--{shutdown in 30 seconds}

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