MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Invisible Hawaii -

Somewhat later than planned, a giant compendium of Invisible Hawaii!

May include Martian bonuses. No zombies, however.

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1. Eerie as ever.

Posted by vanarbulax at 11:16AM, Monday May 24 2010

So, what's the chance episode 3 is going to have hidden messages in it which you can only see though colour filters.

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2. Cool

Posted by Pyro at 11:37PM, Monday May 24 2010

Oooh, cool. I wonder what Lava looks like in infrared?

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3. Copied-and-pasted from the forum-thing...

Posted by Cargo Cult at 7:23AM, Thursday May 27 2010

If anyone's having problems with MINERVA and the recent ultro-patches:

The update's pretty seriously huge (basically, everything's moved to a much more recent version of the engine) so it's not surprising there are problems. I've no idea what the plan was regarding savegames, but it might be best to start that particular map [the zombie-apocalypse] again. (Sorry...)

I'm looking into getting a patch out fairly soon - which should add things like fixed animated waves, working models for the globes and security signs, and Mac support. (Ohyes!)

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4. others?

Posted by Pace at 8:35PM, Thursday May 27 2010

Er, crud, does that mean every other mod will now be borked as well?

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5. Re: Others

Posted by Pyro at 11:39PM, Thursday May 27 2010

If I remember correctly, it's mostly problems with scripted sequences and stuff. I'm sure you noticed how Breen stays still during the teleporter sequence?

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6. Minerva MAC Edition

Posted by A Fan at 1:13PM, Monday May 31 2010

Dear Creator of this beautiful Mod,

I played the first episode of Minerva on Windows and was blown away.. That was a couple years ago.

As a Mac-only owner (no Boot Camp), I would be very interested in a "minerva_patched.ZIP" archive.

I hope the changes in Steam on Mac aren't too deep to make it feasible.

Thank you!

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7. Send a little love to the mod community?...

Posted by Campaignjunkie at 4:23AM, Tuesday June 1 2010

So what's broken with the engine update? Why would it break material proxies and the globe model? I want to make sure my own mod is compatible but I have no idea what's changed... a page on the Valve wiki detailing such changes would be mighty nice, not just for me but a bunch of other Ep2 mappers too, cough cough. :)

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8. Re: Send a little love

Posted by Pyro at 9:08PM, Tuesday June 1 2010

The games were all updated to the EP2 engine, so your EP2 maps won't be touched. You're fine!

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9. Updates?

Posted by chiasaur11 at 11:31PM, Tuesday June 1 2010

Ooh! Neat.

Have to replay once the patch is out. Again, I mean.

Man. Hard mode on a touchpad is possibly the most brutal gaming experience I've beat.

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10. Patch

Posted by Lewk at 6:59PM, Thursday June 3 2010

Awesome news that you're patching Minerva Metastasis, but one quick question. Will Valve release a patch to squish the bugs in Half-Life 2?

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11. Patch

Posted by chiasaur11 at 7:03AM, Saturday June 5 2010


Been updated a ton over the past week for bug hunting. Might not fix all of them, mind.

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12. Pyro's talking about breen being still

Posted by Mikel_S at 4:30AM, Tuesday June 8 2010

Yeah, I thought I had accidentally launched the stupid cinematic mod when that happened, because that was a problem in there as well. But apparently it was just an EP2 error.

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13. DOUBLEPOST: this one is about the mod

Posted by Mikel_S at 4:31AM, Tuesday June 8 2010

I heard some people are having trouble at various areas. For me, it's just the water wave texture and, oh yeah, the second map can't load. NEED MOAR EDICTS. lol.

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14. patch

Posted by Boff at 11:18PM, Monday June 14 2010

Darn it lewk do you hang out here too?

Seriously CargoCult, just see if you can get the PR guys to squeeze out the following statement about ep3

"Thanks for your interest in our products and the patience that is required with valve production cycles. We are trying build you guys something that you'll enjoy. And let's face it it just wouldn't be us, and you wouldn't love us if we just whacked out a cheap game in no time. Rest assured, you'll love us for making you hate us right now, so just hang in there"


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15. patch

Posted by Lewk at 1:13PM, Thursday June 24 2010

lol boff, yeah.

And I agree, exactly what you said would go down nicely on a steam news update.

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