MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Officially Unofficial -

My mind's been somewhat consumed by some other project lately, so the fabled Officially Official MINERVA Patch For Source 2009 has been languishing on a hard disk for months.

Fear not, for the noble acolyte Mr. Tom Edwards has, with the aid of gentlemanly VMT editing and downright filthy hand-editing of entity lumps, produced the Officially Unofficial MINERVA Patch For Source 2009. Which you may download at the following link:

Officially Unofficial MINERVA Patch

I haven't had the chance to play through in its entirety, so I trust that all is in order! Please report back as to what wonders it may contain.

Also, to prove my tardiness, have some photos - uploaded now, but taken last year. It is only with the aid of a laptop and a bus commute that I get anything pointless done these days.

I'm currently figuring out how to trigger a similar incidence of apocalyptic geography somewhere in the world...

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1. re: Officially Unofficial

Posted by Theory at 12:12PM, Tuesday February 8 2011

Finally. :-)

One important note: if you installed one of the earlier "fixes" which involved dumping a load of Ep1 content into the mod folder, you will need to do a fresh install.

Lord_Baz's gravatar

2. Woot.

Posted by Lord_Baz at 2:27PM, Tuesday February 8 2011

Might be time for a re-play through. Been a while!

Lord_Baz's gravatar

3. Also?

Posted by Lord_Baz at 2:28PM, Tuesday February 8 2011

Oh and that is a freaking cool photo.

fuzz's gravatar

4. Hooray!

Posted by fuzz at 3:21PM, Tuesday February 8 2011

About time for another play-through methinks :)

Świrek's gravatar

5. oh sh-

Posted by Świrek at 5:46PM, Tuesday February 8 2011

i see Black Mesa behind of that mountain :O
Awesome news, i like it.

Świrek's gravatar

6. FIX

Posted by Świrek at 9:18PM, Thursday February 10 2011

fix is very nice for me, i love those shadows and Overwatch Soldiers with Shotguns. Thank You, Adam. Awesome work, as always!

Pace's gravatar

7. Update woo!

Posted by Pace at 3:55AM, Saturday February 12 2011

So, any chance any of the loyal acolytes get a Portal 2 playtest? eh? eh? c'mon!

Medo's gravatar

8. Time for another playthrough

Posted by Medo at 10:45PM, Saturday February 12 2011

I've encountered several of the improvements already and I have to say it's looking really nice. Thanks for the update!

Sortie's gravatar

9. Could you please reenable the forums?

Posted by Sortie at 11:28PM, Saturday February 12 2011

Hey, I wanted to read an old post on the forums. But I was greeted with a very user-friendly message that forums were offline largely because spammers were rude.

Is it possible to re-enable the forums in read-only mode?

Chris's gravatar

10. Can't see crosshairs in Metastisis?

Posted by Chris at 3:55AM, Sunday February 13 2011

Seeing as how the forum is down, I don't know where else to ask this...

Recently, I wanted to play Metastasis again. I can't see the crosshairs in-game, making it all but impossible to play since Half-Life 2 doesn't have an iron-sights feature.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and how have you fixed it?


Cargo Cult's gravatar

11. Re: Can't see crosshairs in Metastisis?

Posted by Cargo Cult at 4:33AM, Sunday February 13 2011

Try bringing up the console (if it's not enabled, it's something like Options: Keyboard: Advanced: Enable developer console) and typing 'cl_crosshair 1'.

You might have been affected by an obscure bug involving the end credits...

fuzz's gravatar

12. Crosshairs

Posted by fuzz at 12:23PM, Sunday February 13 2011

I had the same problem (fortunately I already know my way round the console).
I had no crosshairs (although the rest of the HUD was there) when starting a new game, and every time I exited and loaded a save in the first chapter I'd have to re-enable them. It seemed to be working ok in the second two chapters though.
What other data would be useful to reproduce this?

Playing it again last night really reminded me what a great mod is is though :)

DaftMink's gravatar

13. Engine Error

Posted by DaftMink at 2:11PM, Sunday February 13 2011

On the map metastasis_2 I got this error.


Was able to get by it by going a bit slower through the area, but still.

Orihaus's gravatar

14. Crosshairs

Posted by Orihaus at 1:36AM, Monday February 14 2011

Bah, Vidmasters don't need no crosshairs. Anyway, great work Mr. Tom!

@Cargo Cult: So theres not going to be an official orange box version with new lightmaps? Love your mod to bits! And are you going to be sneaking a few of your trademark Marathon references into Portal 2? You know you want to :)

Bonus: Some gems from scouring the site...

<!-- Minerva to Microsoft: IE is a foetid, diseased cadaver. Please dispose of it immediately then sterilise the autopsy room before I catch something nasty... -->

2.725 ± 0.002 K - The title of the new fourm error page. Seems to be something to do with Lambada and cosmic background radiation... The temperature of the universe?

And of cause: http://www.hylobatidae.org/minerva/sellout/sellout-1.html

Chris's gravatar

15. Re: Can't see crosshairs in Metastisis?

Posted by Chris at 2:04AM, Wednesday February 16 2011


Many thanks. That worked (it was actually just "crosshair 1," for the record). Very glad that I can actually play this now.

And I apologize for the 5 posts. I didn't realize that it was posting. I thought it was rejecting my answer for the anti-spam box below each time the screen refreshed.

Thanks again!


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