MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Not a visit to Nova Prospekt -

Little was I expecting that the Combine would be lurking just off the shore of a major American city. I do have a tendency to find the rustiest places wherever I go - one day I'll manage to take some nice photos of pretty things instead.

Also, in other news - less than a month to go!

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1. Thanks

Posted by Medo at 11:43AM, Thursday March 24 2011

This was an amazing trip, thank you for sharing it with us. I'd probably go past some of these great scenes without a second glance.

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2. ARG

Posted by monolitten at 11:43PM, Sunday April 3 2011

Are you the man behind the curtain Adam?

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3. Have you got a thing for island facilities?

Posted by Boff at 1:37PM, Tuesday April 5 2011

well lets face it, who doesn't.

Island that have dilapidated facilities whith hidden underground bunkers are COOL!!

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4. ARG

Posted by chiasaur11 at 4:23AM, Friday April 8 2011

This isn't seeming like a one man game anymore, no matter how good he is.

Seems to have taken on a life of its own.

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5. A familiar voice from long ago

Posted by Baffled at 1:41PM, Monday April 11 2011

I've just seen that Portal 2 comic and one page is veritably dripping with Minervan prose ...


Adam Foster is back! Like old times!


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6. Comic

Posted by chiasaur11 at 7:02AM, Thursday April 14 2011

Oh, DUH.

Can't believe I didn't see it first time out.


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7. Potatoes

Posted by fuzz at 10:22AM, Thursday April 14 2011

I was guessing that Adam would be involved in all this, but looking at the potato ARG, he must be having loads of fun :)
Mind you, this rumour that Portal 2 will be released early, a Valve game releasing early, that's just a sick joke.

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8. Anyone want to decode this?

Posted by Holzwege at 12:28AM, Wednesday April 20 2011


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Posted by Orihaus at 11:51AM, Wednesday April 20 2011

Decoded! Uploading images now.

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10. Notes

Posted by Orihaus at 11:52AM, Wednesday April 20 2011

It seems to be a postmortem of the arg. Budget and devices used!

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11. Images

Posted by Orihaus at 11:58AM, Wednesday April 20 2011


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12. More!

Posted by Orihaus at 12:03PM, Wednesday April 20 2011


Thats about all.

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