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Emergency Acolyte Task of Right Now! -

I am perhaps not the fastest at responding to Emergency Imminent Disaster Emergency-style events, but it has come to my attention that the gnomes at Wikipedia have been sniffing around an article close to my heart (and to my vanity):

Acolytes, your task is to fill the article with glorious references from independent authors and third-party publications! Scour this blog-beast for magazine mentions, and make the article great again!

In other news, I've been taking some lovely photos...)

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1. hmph

Posted by fuzz at 5:56PM, Wednesday October 19 2011

well, I was looking for an excuse to create a wikipedia login, and now I have one.
Of course, we're also going to have to set up http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Foster you realise?

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2. !

Posted by fuzz at 5:58PM, Wednesday October 19 2011

Ok, there already is one, and it redirects to the Minerva one. Congrats Adam, as far as the internets is concerned that is the only important thing to say about your life.

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3. !

Posted by Świrek at 8:02PM, Wednesday October 19 2011

It's very good thing to hear, that Minerva is still in Your heart Adam. Interesting thing is that today i recorded some materials to do another walkhtrough (old one here-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGrJdTxA2Hc but this time with funny text commentary, like some kind of 'Freeman's mind' style,
then i went here and here it is! New Minerva's News!

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4. Leverage!

Posted by Pace at 9:23PM, Thursday October 20 2011

The acolytes don't get leverage here very often, I say we take advantage and start demanding stuff in return. Like, who is the Gman? Or Minerva? What now for Mr. Foster? Or we could demand another Minerva chapter? (that would help notability!), recent thoughts on another chapter? Um, a muffin?

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5. Perseus's Mind

Posted by Świrek at 12:34AM, Saturday October 22 2011

Hello, There is demo of first episode. There is no voice commentary yet, but You can turn annotations on to see sketchy one. I think that it would be good, if You guys can find some jokes to that video (i'm not good at jokes, i'm sad man :( ), it can be our community work.

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6. Logo

Posted by Świrek at 10:27PM, Saturday October 22 2011

I also made logo for Perseus's Mind, I hope You like it.
If You guys have any ideas of jokes and funny quotes- please, put them as a comments in Demo-movie on You Tube .

RipOffProductionsLLC's gravatar

7. Re: logo

Posted by RipOffProductionsLLC at 2:52AM, Wednesday October 26 2011

Cool, but as I was also thinking about making a Perseus' Mind, so I won't tell you the jokes I've thought up, as I plan to use them.

I really need to get off my lazy ass and work on this stuff...

My version of the logo uses the HEV helmet, as I would think MINERVA understands the impotence of cranial protection, it can be seen as the background of my youtube channel here:

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8. Ugh...

Posted by Świrek at 8:39PM, Wednesday October 26 2011

Damn Combine bot, where is damn Perseus? :/

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9. 5th today!

Posted by Świrek at 11:13PM, Friday October 28 2011

Yes, i made five episodes of Perseu's Mind, with good edit in HD :) Now i must to buy myself a good microphone
to do a commentary ... Well, at least i have some good ideas. I think it's not a bad thing to do more than one Mind series about Minerva.

RipOffProductionsLLC's gravatar

10. 5!

Posted by RipOffProductionsLLC at 5:49AM, Saturday October 29 2011

That would be the entire mod wouldn't it?
In my plan PM would have bin 6 maybe 7 episodes long...
Regardless I won't watch your Mind 'tell I finish mine. OK?

Świrek's gravatar

11. 5!

Posted by Świrek at 7:37AM, Saturday October 29 2011

I'm nearly after escaping the trein.

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