MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Imaginary Islands -

I had absolutely nothing to do with its creation, but I do have a certain penchant for imaginary digital islands. Weird, experimental, beautiful and perhaps willfully resisting interpretation, please go play Dear Esther.


In other news, have a top-secret nuclear bunker. I never realised quite how pretty Essex could be.

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1. Dear Minerva.

Posted by pox at 4:18AM, Sunday February 26 2012

Dear Minerva,

I miss you.

When might we pay Stheno (or Euryale) a visit?


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2. Dear Minerva.

Posted by Świrek at 6:05PM, Sunday February 26 2012

__incomming transmisson__
>>unknown source<<
D_ar Mine_va
1---I miss that dark atmosphe00011re.

>>elite soldiers in sector 00E-09 <<

I miss

tha555555555t feeling of being a traitor of my own

I'm still waitin-000111________001111

--signal lost--

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3. Oh

Posted by Świrek at 12:10AM, Monday February 27 2012

There is an article about Minerva on Polish hl encyclopedia
It's more like little trinket, but still!


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4. Shame on me...

Posted by Świrek at 12:06AM, Saturday March 3 2012

It may be a little silly...
but come on! It still count as a fan-art! :)

(I hope that Adam doesn't hate Ponies)

Cargo Cult's gravatar

5. Bronies

Posted by Cargo Cult at 8:02AM, Friday March 23 2012

For that, Mr. Świrek, you win an Acolyte of the Month award - and then have it confiscated for Crimes against the Internets.

(Is Pony-oriented fan-art some kind of modern equivalent of Godwin's Law?)

Świrek's gravatar

6. Ponies are evil thing...

Posted by Świrek at 8:31PM, Friday March 23 2012

... but I heard that every awesome thing must be 'ponified'

so it's like quality mark for Minerva...

...i'm in internet pandemonium pit now

paying for my sin

it's really hot in here...

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