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Ominous Cosmonauts -

In a bid to update this blog-beast slightly more frequently, have a cosmonaut or two from last year. I am punctual in all the things I do.

Also, if you're in a steampunky kind of mood, have a working Intertype machine, from less than a month ago!

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1. What the h3ck

Posted by Świrek at 9:58PM, Friday March 23 2012

Where are everybody? Two new amazing albums and like zero-response!

Combine Terror is turning You guys to passive dolls :(

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2. Braiiiinnnnnsss

Posted by john at 9:26PM, Wednesday April 4 2012


chiasaur11's gravatar

3. Bit busy

Posted by chiasaur11 at 5:30AM, Thursday April 5 2012

Look, when cosmonauts are attacking, you have less time to post on blogs.

Fact of life.

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4. About my 'Acolyte of the Month' award...

Posted by Świrek at 8:23PM, Thursday April 5 2012


uh oh

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5. hello sweetie

Posted by john at 12:21AM, Tuesday April 24 2012

Its it just me, or do the words" hell in high heels"b pop into mind when they see the ominous cosmonaut?

Also, any one got an update on either chapter3, or the second part of a certain trilogy?

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