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I suppose when most people think of Hawaii, they think of palm trees, tropical beaches and pineapple-based beverages. Not me. My vision is of desolate volcanic landscapes, snow-capped mountains and vast optical telescopes on the edge of space. So, I finally made it to Hawaii's Big Island.

Coming up next: derelict wind turbines, lava tubes, more volcanic landscapes and dusty scrubland with ancient petroglyphs carved into the lava underfoot...

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1. Astrophysics!

Posted by fuzz at 9:47AM, Wednesday April 25 2012

I'm pretty sure there's a few astrophysicists who got into that branch of science purely so they could take regular trips out to Hawaii to "check on the telescope".

Astrophysicists, the most tanned of all the physicists.

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2. Re: Astrophysics

Posted by Cargo Cult at 7:09AM, Thursday April 26 2012

Don't forget the poor sods at Jodrell Bank - cursed by the Mancunian rain, they had to invent a whole new form of astronomy in order to get any work done.

(Years ago, I pointed the 42ft telescope there at things. Then got bored, pointed it vertically upwards, then at the Lovell telescope nearby. Fortunately I didn't break anything.)

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