MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Welcome to the world of ... yesterday? -

The particularly astute and/or observant amongst you may have noticed the forum got disabled comparatively recently (hah!) - due to an outbreak of spammers somehow getting past my hacked-in ReCAPTCHA support. I've finally got round to re-enabling it again - this time with logins and registrations completely disabled. So much so that the appropriate files got deleted.

For any would-be digital archaeologists, go enjoy wading through long-forgotten plot speculation, flame-wars and suchlike here.

If you do somehow succeed in logging in, well done. phpBB doesn't seem to have an official way of disabling logins, so I just hacked away at it until logins no longer worked...

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1. Not to be ungrateful..

Posted by Pace at 5:30AM, Sunday June 24 2012

..but if you really wanted to endow some digital archaeology you could make Death viewable. Ah Death, good times.

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2. Ooooops...

Posted by Cargo Cult at 6:19AM, Sunday June 24 2012

I can't figure out what bits to flip in the database, and I've removed the files that allow *admin* logins.

Bear with me while I restore a few things - forum shall be back!

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3. Endless Night

Posted by Cargo Cult at 6:46AM, Sunday June 24 2012

Death is again a possibility. Apologies, all...

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4. Reflections upon the apocalypse

Posted by Pace at 7:29PM, Sunday June 24 2012

Man I spent a lot of time analyzing Minerva. Some of us did go a bit overboard at times I'll admit, but it was fun though. Hmm, I wonder what Terrapin is up to these days. I hope we managed something insightful in all that blathering.

Świrek's gravatar

5. Modlin photoes

Posted by Świrek at 8:45PM, Friday July 6 2012

There is stereotype about 'why Polish people are always sad"
Just look at the story of our Land...

How long have You been in Poland, Adam :) ?

Cargo Cult's gravatar

6. Poland?

Posted by Cargo Cult at 4:33AM, Sunday July 15 2012

Heh. Haven't been there for ages - and research via Google Earth indicates quite a few of the places we explored have since disappeared...

(Currently waiting for this book to arrive, with a similar theme: http://www.markpower.co.uk/projects/SOUND-OF-TWO-SONGS )

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7. Are we ever going to see another Minerva?

Posted by LocoYokel at 5:59AM, Monday July 16 2012

Valve is evil. we were getting nice Minerva episodes before Adam got hired on. Now he's given up on it, and it was (imo) much better than the stuff valve was releasing.

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8. The forums!

Posted by Kenny at 8:36AM, Saturday August 4 2012

I miss that place. Glad to see it's still there, even if completely inaccessible.

I really wish there was a new MINERVA episode. There's so few single player mods out there right now. I'm trying to work on one of my own but the '07 tools are FUBAR. Anyone know how to fix the black viewports and black texture models glitch? All the threads on it that I see are from 2010.

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9. Minerva 5 Year Anniversary

Posted by Orihaus at 3:37PM, Wednesday August 29 2012

Just a friendly message that, according to PlanetPhillip, the last chapter in Metastasis will be turning 5 years old in just over a month!

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10. In other modding news...

Posted by Cargo Cult at 11:28PM, Sunday September 2 2012

Black Mesa, to be released in mid-September!


(Also, five years? Blimey. I need to do something to celebrate - it's not long beyond ten years since Someplace Else...)

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11. hah

Posted by Świrek at 12:00AM, Monday September 3 2012

Black Mesa
i hope it will be fun to play

just like 'Out of Time'.

Oh wait-


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12. Screenshots!

Posted by Orihaus at 12:44PM, Monday September 3 2012

For my part of the celebration, I've uploaded 80 wallpaper friendly HD screenshots of Minerva: Metastasis to Flickr.


Culled from 500. Originally shot at 1080p, but downsized a bit by Flickr. All settings at max, and straight from the Source 2006 version of Metastasis.

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13. ffffff

Posted by Świrek at 10:22PM, Monday September 3 2012

Damn You!

Now i just MUST to play Minerva again 8)

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14. Ways to celebrate 5 years.

Posted by pox at 11:50PM, Monday September 3 2012

Make more Minerva?


pox's gravatar

15. Re: Screenshots

Posted by pox at 11:55PM, Monday September 3 2012

These are fantastic Orihaus!

Thanks so much, I envy your eye for composition :)

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16. Re: Re: Screenshots

Posted by Cargo Cult at 8:04AM, Wednesday September 5 2012

Acolyte of the Week award goes to Orihaus!

Also, add some of 'em to the Dead End Thrills Flickr group thingy: http://deadendthrills.com/?cat=368

Game photography *is* a thing!

Świrek's gravatar

17. Greenlight and Black Mesa

Posted by Świrek at 8:48PM, Wednesday September 5 2012

What about Black Mesa on Steam?


Please, vote! :)

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18. Good Suggestion

Posted by Orihaus at 6:23AM, Friday September 7 2012

Ahh, thanks for the suggestion, added a few to the group. Looks like one got featured!


Also, I've been talking with Robert Yang (AKA Campaignjunkie) about a possible retrospective/interview for Minerva, but he isn't sure of the best way to contact you! Any suggestions?

Cargo Cult's gravatar

19. Re: Good Suggestion

Posted by Cargo Cult at 1:10AM, Monday September 10 2012

Mr. Yang should try email - I'm about to away for a bit and without reliable internet or phone connectivity, so any fancy audio interview type thing could be difficult!

(Annoyingly, I won't be able to play Black Mesa straight away. I'm excited too!)

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20. Metastasis!

Posted by Kenny at 7:46AM, Friday September 14 2012

Okay, I recently tried to reinstall and play Metastasis again.

The wave shader is missing an alpha channel it seems, so the waves (which on source 06 looked AMAZING) look terrible now. The framerate also seems a bit lower then when I last played it. Checking the website directed me to the 2011 patch which I have unzipped to the mod's directory three times now and it seems to have no effect. Also, trying to uninstall it makes the uninstall wizard look for an UNINSTALL file that doesn't exist, and deleting the folder manually tells me "I need permission to preform this action."

Apparently, Minerva isn't too happy with me for uninstalling the mod last time after I finished the game...

Anyone else here tried this or found a fix?

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21. Little something...

Posted by Świrek at 2:33AM, Monday September 17 2012

Hi Adam.
There is something that could interest You...


I think that You like some postindustrial places. :)

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22. @Kenny

Posted by Orihaus at 9:17AM, Wednesday September 19 2012

He's a installer for the fixed Source 2006 version of Metastasis. Works 100% fine with no bugs for me.


Kenny's gravatar


Posted by Kenny at 11:23PM, Wednesday September 19 2012


Thank you for finding this exe. It's working GREAT so far!

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