MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Five years -

Unbelievably, it's been five whole years since the final MINERVA: Metastasis was released. I've been up to a couple of things since then, none of which MINERVA - but I hate to leave plot points dangling forever.

As is traditional on such events, I went rummaging around in the archives and dug up some more documentation that could prove ... illuminating to the more astute amongst the Acolytes.

The first Acolyte of the Anniversary award potentially goes to Robert Yang for his port of Someplace Else to Black Mesa Source. Oh, by the way, Black Mesa was released! Blimey.

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1. Some Irrelevant Afternoon.

Posted by pox at 4:09PM, Tuesday October 2 2012

"Walking among the fires of my forgotten home, dismayed by the torment and insanity of our unwitting hosts, ignored by long-absent angels, I studied their downfall."

"There I was, a proper little Cassandra crying out for attention with simulations which PROVED the imminent downfall of all we held dear, and it all became an interesting little trinket..."

Hello Hauschild. Hello Minerva.

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2. Looking forward to that Someplace Else remake.

Posted by Kyosho at 4:56PM, Tuesday October 2 2012

Speaking of which, I did a Let's Play of Someplace Else and Minerva on youtube a while back. Search for a particular video called "The Cascade of Chipmunk Failure." Probably the best thing to come of that LP. Super frustrating at the time, but ended up being amusing to watch. Thought you might get some sadistic pleasure out of it. Heh.

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3. Everything is illuminated.

Posted by chiasaur11 at 4:12AM, Thursday October 4 2012

All the pieces fall into place.

Suspicions are confirmed.

And Our Lady is revealed. The points between are simple enough to guess.

The only mystery left is the traitor.

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4. That Fischer..

Posted by Pace at 5:23AM, Thursday October 4 2012

It's been so long I can't remember whether or not I was right about any of this. I'm going to go with 'yes.'
Great to see this stuff released, and very impressive that it got made in the first place. It's the sort of thing that only happens when someone's doing something they really enjoy, something which is apparently missing from so many mods. And, well, life in general.

And actually I thought there are still quite a lot of mysteries left out there. Like, well, most of them really. I hope there's still yet more illumination to be had at some point!

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5. Re: Everything is illuminated

Posted by pox at 3:25PM, Thursday October 4 2012

What/where is Lux Aeterna?

What is on the other side?

What could the Combine possibly want with a (supposedly) dead planet?

What/Who are Stheno and Euryale, other installations?

What are their purpose?

If the events of Metastasis take place before the rebel uprising and subsequent mass citadel shutdown, will OOT and the eventual third chapter explore Perseus and Minerva's mission in a Post-Combine world on the brink of collapse?

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6. Everything is illuminated.

Posted by chiasaur11 at 5:00AM, Friday October 26 2012

Okay, maybe if you're going to be all technical about it, there are a couple other minor details.


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7. Foster interview on RPS

Posted by chiasaur11 at 9:03PM, Wednesday December 5 2012

You've probably all seen it already, but...


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