MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

Minerva - where is she now? -

You might think you could find useful information in this 'ere brand-new interview on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, but the truth is - she's all around us.

Edit 2012-12-06: second part of the interview is up!


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1. Yeeeeeessssss....

Posted by Świrek at 1:43PM, Thursday December 6 2012

It's inside You and Me...

I can feel it...

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2. Stinking opaque codes that I can't ever scratch the surface of...

Posted by Name or nickname at 11:56PM, Thursday December 6 2012

Hey, code people, he's got a new puzzle for ya:

RY: Okay, one last question, totally unrelated to the subject of shipping games. When’s Half-Life 2: Episode Three coming out?

AF: ^H*DSd]]/&s Wlb-%£–NO CARRIER

RY: Thanks for your time.

AF: No problem.

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