MINERVA: Episodic, Single-Player Half-Life 2

MINERVA - on Steam -

The conversations went something like this:


"Oh, hi Adam. Welcome to Valve! Really liked your mod. MINERVA, was it?"

"Yes. Thanks!"

"You really ought to get it on to Steam, you know. How is it you're distributing the thing?"

"Oh, friends with lots of bandwidth, and a home-made PHP script."



"Portal 2 complete, and shipped. Yes!"

"It's *ever* so slightly larger than my previous game release."

"Oh, that Half-Life thing? MINERVA?"

"Yep. That was just me, a desk, a computer and a large bottle of Belgian beer. No big party!"

"Did you ever get that thing on to Steam?"

"Erm... Nope. I really ought to get round to that."


"So many Portal 2 maps!"

"Steam Workshop. It's big."

"Yeah, I'm a product of the previous modding generation."

"That Half-Life 2 mod, MINERVA? Well, that's just an earlier version of mods on Steam."

"Erm... It's not actually available on Steam."

"*Really?* Go talk to [ELIDED]. Get it up there. User generated content! Valve strategy!"

"Right then. Procrastination over."


And thus, ever so slightly later than expected, here's an actually-final, director's-cut, polished-visuals, tweaked-navigation, improved-puzzles, hours-of-free-Half-Life-2-shooterings MINERVA: Metastasis - this time on Steam.

Technical details: maps lighting fully rebuilt with maximum settings, more expensive materials swapped in where appropriate, vegetation density increased, DirectX 8 mode actually working (!), running on Source 2009 for better dynamic lighting and other visuals. Gameplay details: various puzzles improved with better (but still subtle) prompting, various difficult-to-navigate areas improved with better (but still subtle!) guidance. Quite a few bugs both large and small squished as well. That disappearing-crosshairs thing? Finally gone. Exciting.

Special thanks go to Tom Edwards for his now-no-longer-necessary Officially Unofficial Source 2009 patch, which saved me huge amounts of time in getting things working again.

Additional special thanks go to Piotr Burzykowski and his LocWorks-translated language packs - full translations into French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish are now available by default. Just set your Steam client to the appropriate language, and enjoy Minerva's occasionally inappropriate language however you understand it best.

Additional additional thanks to all the people at Valve who made this possible!

I was also going to link to Joseph Toscano's site for more soundtrack stuff, but it appears to be down. Oh no!

Edit: ... fortunately, he got in touch having seen the news - and he's got a new site. MINERVA soundtrack here!

A link to the thing on Steam? Here you go: MINERVA: Metastasis.

Installation details: go to page, click 'PLAY GAME', follow instructions. You'll need to own a copy of Half-Life 2: Episode One, but shouldn't need it installed already. Once this Steam edition is installed, you can safely delete any metastasis folders from SteamApps/SourceMods.


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Dougley's gravatar

1. --

Posted by Dougley at 9:45PM, Tuesday April 30 2013

Very nice! It was very enjoyable playing it again, and all the changes are welcome.

TheSufferer's gravatar

2. Win7...

Posted by TheSufferer at 10:08PM, Tuesday April 30 2013

I miss playing Minerva and was excited about the great news today! Your mod was excellent up until it was broken by the 2009 Source update.

Unfortunately it's now Window 7 /only/ and won't install through Steam for me. I'm still running XP. Come on...

TheSufferer2's gravatar

3. Nevermind!

Posted by TheSufferer2 at 12:42AM, Wednesday May 1 2013

Looks like Steam updated the page. The page now lists XP and the game installed. :)

Kyosho's gravatar

4. Awesome

Posted by Kyosho at 12:59AM, Wednesday May 1 2013

Any chance you tweaked the difficulty in this section?


Granted part of my problem was being stubborn and not loading an earlier save.

mnemonik's gravatar

5. Well, this was entirely unexpected news. :D

Posted by mnemonik at 3:45PM, Wednesday May 1 2013

Hooray for a fully optimized and "officially official" Steam version of the mod! It was about time for me to revisit that strangely well-defended island again, anyway...

Thanks, Adam! :D

P.S.- don't suppose there's any chance the story will ever be continued, is there?

Cargo Cult's gravatar

6. Re: Win7...

Posted by Cargo Cult at 12:23AM, Thursday May 2 2013

I hadn't heard of any Windows 7 dependencies (they certainly weren't intended!) - I get the impression various Steam people have been poking at things post-release, so I'm glad it's been sorted out.

If anyone finds any other issues, please let me know. Patching things is much easier now!

chiasaur11's gravatar

7. Changes

Posted by chiasaur11 at 8:38AM, Saturday May 4 2013

So, if I can ask, what all changed in this version?

Had my semi-annual hard mode runthrough just a couple months ago, and want to let it settle a little before running it again, but I'm curious what all's different in the director's cut.

NHoward's gravatar

8. w007!

Posted by NHoward at 6:24PM, Sunday May 5 2013

Nice, it's good to see this mod finally on steam.

And a bit of a selfish request.... but what about converting Someplace Else to also work with steam (and maybe on a newer Half Life engine too?)

davidism's gravatar

9. Linux support?

Posted by davidism at 2:29AM, Sunday May 12 2013

Since Valve is upgrading their engine to work on Linux, will Minerva eventually see a release there?

Matt's gravatar

10. Linux version

Posted by Matt at 8:19PM, Tuesday May 14 2013

Is this really Windows only or did someone on Steam not configure the mod publishing correctly? It looks like just a single-player campaign that uses the same assets and adds no special features that require code.

Valvatorez's gravatar

11. Redownload bug

Posted by Valvatorez at 9:46AM, Monday September 2 2013

I have to redownload Minerva each time I want to play it. Is there a way to convert it to Steam pipe? Because this is more annoying than anything else.
Custom skins and files shouldn't be the cause of it either.

Spudd86's gravatar

12. Linux

Posted by Spudd86 at 5:15AM, Tuesday December 31 2013

Now that nearly everything Half-Life works on Linux is there any chance you'll do an update for the Steam version of Minerva that works on Linux?

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